For information about membership for the 2018/19 year (September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019), please click here to contact us directly.

Why join?

Professional Development

  • Network with and learn from other professionals in the field of EAL

  • Professional development sessions offered on a variety of topics throughout the school year.

Quality Publications

  • TEAL Manitoba Newsletter (4 annually)

Reduced Conference Fees

  • Annual TEAL Manitoba conference in October for EAL educators at all levels

Be sure to join early to enjoy all the privileges and benefits throughout the upcoming year!


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What is the difference between TEAL Manitoba and TEAM?

TEAL Manitoba is affiliated with the Manitoba Teachers Society as a Special Area Group of Educators (SAGE). While our membership includes educators from K-12, university and adult settings, a unique partnership that allows for multiple perspectives on the issues that affect EAL learners, the majority of members share a connection to K-12 EAL education within the public school system.

TEAM (Teachers of EAL to Adults in Manitoba) is a professional organization that was created as a sister organization to TEAL Manitoba in 1990 in order to more effectively advocate for the needs of teachers who were not teaching in public schools or programs affiliated with the public school system. As such, they primarily focus on representing and advocating for the concerns and professional needs of adult ESL/EAL educators.